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Take a look at the recent additions to my portfolio.

America at War: Vintage WWII History Films

Just finished work on another project for Biblical Worldview Media-- "America at War: Vintage WWII History Films".  I designed the poster, DVD cover, menu, label, insert, and put together a quick trailer using some epic music from http://incompetech.com/.

Description: Six films made during WWII, with actual footage from various key battles and campaigns, including Iwo Jima, and MacArthur's campaign in the Pacific. This compilation includes some very compelling, educational, and quality films that remain a stunning visual record of the war. Though not perfect, these films were made at a time when Christian virtues like courage, honor, and self-sacrifice were still common. Own a piece of your history!

DVD Cover

Label (adjusted for printing)

Get your own copy at http://biblicalworldviewmedia.com/films.html.

Lamplighter Guild Slideshow

My younger brother and I just put together this short video slideshow with some photos from my trip to the Lamplighter Guild. It was held at the beautiful Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York. You can find out more about the Guild at http://lamplighterguild.com

TruAx Grill Banner

Here's a banner I just finished for a new grilling business: TruAx Grill (http://firstwatchfarms.com).

Act Like Men: A Titanic Lesson in Manliness - Poster

I also did the trailer.

Now available! http://titanicfilmproject.com

From the award-winning producers of IndoctriNation!

It's no secret that men are struggling. Years of ridicule and political correctness have left men passive, lazy, cowardly, selfish, and confused about their identities. If there ever was a time when manhood was under attack, this is it. Western civilization is in shambles. Crime, divorce, fatherlessness, and immaturity are all on the rise, and the destruction of the modern family is not far behind. History shows that civilizations fall when manhood breaks down.

100 years ago, when the R.M.S. Titanic struck an iceberg and sank, courageous men sprang into action and paid the ultimate price to ensure that women and children were saved. What did they know about manliness that we have forgotten? How is "women and children first" relevant today? Will our civilization survive the decline of manliness? What does it really mean to be a man?

In Act Like Men we will explore these questions and more. We must reclaim a biblical vision for manliness and pass it on to our sons.

Join Scott Brown, William Einwechter, Bill Potter, and Kevin Swanson as we study the Titanic, examine the Scriptures, cast a vision, and inspire our sons to Act Like Men.

http://titanicfilmproject.com Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/pages/Titanic-Film-Project/341508189209493

A film by Biblical Worldview Media. Executive Producer: Colin Gunn. Produced by Scott Eash. Written and Directed by Shad Eash. Sound Design and Engineering by Caleb Angelino and Cody Winton. Original Score by Gabriel Hudelson.

© 2012, Biblical Worldview Media, LLC. All rights reserved.


Teaser Poster - Titanic Documentary Film Project

Here's a teaser poster I just finished for a new documentary we're working on. (Working Title: Titanic Film Project)

(Full Size)

Watch the trailer and check out the Facebook page.

IndoctriNation DVD Cover

Recently finished up some graphics for IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America.
"Shad Eash was truly a pleasure to work with. Our DVD cover needed to be impacting, convey our movie's brand and get the attention of customers online and at bookstores. Shad gave us several options and worked with us as we often changed our minds, which is not unusual when you have several decision-makers involved. Also, his attention to detail played a crucial role in getting the job done right. I would recommend working with Shad in any graphic design project."

Check out the trailer.